Unscented Clumping Cat Digestive Supplement Litter

Cat Digestive Supplement

Unscented the Cat Digestive Supplement litter is a groundbreaking product that not only provides a natural and comfortable environment for your feline but also aids in their overall health by ensuring their digestive system functions at optimum capacity. Unscented clumping cat, digestive supplement litter, is a revolutionary product that combines hygiene and health benefits. It offers comfort, care, and improved digestion for picky eaters. This innovative cat care technology is a game-changer in cat care.

Product Overview:

BrandFresh Step
Item Weight16.78 Kilograms
Target Species 
cat digestive supplement

 # Product Dimensions: 12.25 x 11.31 x 10.63 inches; 36.99 pounds

# Item model number: 32403

# Date First Available: October 24, 2019

# Manufacturer: Fresh Step


# Country of Origin: USA

Fresh Step Advanced, Unscented Clumping Cat Litter, Extra Large, 37 lbs total (2 Pack of 18.5lb Boxes)

About this item: Cat Digestive Supplement

Details are variable, but it still effectively eliminates odors and maintains a fresh smell in your house. New Step Advanced Simply Unscented Cat Litter is formulated without additional fragrances or dyes.

ADDITIONAL ODOR FIGHTERS PER POUND*: This advanced formula uses activated charcoal to instantly neutralize odors, requiring no extra fragrance to provide guaranteed odor control for ten days.

LOW DUST FORMULA: Perfect for cleaner surfaces, the smooth particles in this Fresh Step clumping litter form tight clumps for easy scooping.

MAINTENANCE WITH CLAY, CARBON, AND MINERALS: Activated charcoal technology, in conjunction with clay and minerals, results in superior clumping of cat litter.

Pet-friendly particles: This clumping clay litter is composed of smooth, small particles that are easy on cats’ paws to dig and provide the maximum level of comfort.

Product Key Features:

Clumping Formula:

Cat litters often feature a clumping formula, which makes it easier to scoop out soiled litter and keep the rest of the box fresh.


Some cat litters are designed to be unscented, making them a good option for cats and owners who are sensitive to fragrances.

Advanced Odor Control: Many cat litters claim to offer advanced odor control to keep the litter box smelling fresh and clean.

Extra Large Size: The mention of “Extra Large” suggests that each litter box is more prominent in size, providing more coverage and potentially reducing the frequency of litter changes.

Total Weight: In your case, the total weight is 37 pounds spread across two boxes, each weighing 18.5 pounds. This information can be helpful for consumers who want to know how much product they are getting in each package.

Packaging: The fact that it comes in a 2-pack of 18.5-pound boxes indicates convenience for users who want to purchase a larger quantity at once.

Remember to check the product packaging or the product listing for the most accurate and up-to-date information, as features and formulations can be updated or changed over time.

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Fresh Step Advanced, Unscented Clumping Cat Litter, Extra Large, 37 lbs total (2 Pack of 18.5lb Boxes)

Product Description:

Fresh Step Advanced Simply Unscented Cat Litter is a low-dust, unscented clumping litter designed to prevent bacterial odor growth and is free from added fragrances and dyes. It uses activated charcoal for odor neutralization, providing ten days of odor control and easy cleaning.


  • The Purina Tidy Cats litter is lightweight, absorbent, and unscented, making it easy to handle and transport.
  • It’s specifically designed for cats, meeting their needs, and is backed by Purina’s trusted pet care brand.


  • Cats may dislike pellet material due to its hard texture, and households with multiple cats may need frequent, costly purchases due to its short lifespan.

A Cat Digestive Supplement for Optimal Health

The innovative feature of “pet-friendly particles” has skyrocketed the popularity of our unscented Clumping Cat Digestive Supplement Litter. This revolutionary clumping clay litter comprises small, smooth particles designed to be incredibly gentle on your feline’s paws. It not only makes digging an enjoyable activity for your pet but also ensures ultimate comfort during their routine.

Interestingly, few realize that a cat’s paw sensitivity can influence its bathroom habits significantly. Hard or abrasive particles in regular litter can cause discomfort, leading to unwanted accidents around your house. Being aware of this issue, we’ve engineered our product to maintain paw-friendly features while still delivering excellent culpability and odor control. This ensures that using the litter box is always a positive experience for your beloved fur baby, promoting digestive health simultaneously!

Fresh Step Advanced, Unscented Clumping Cat Litter, Extra Large, 37 lbs total (2 Pack of 18.5lb Boxes)

Customer Reviews and Experiences with Supplement Litters

Overwhelmingly, our customers are singing praises for the unscented, clumping cat digestive supplement litter. One customer wittily noted that it’d been a ‘game changer in the kitty potty department.’ Their furry friend not only stopped consuming excessive grass (a sign of digestive distress in cats) but also seemed more playful and active than usual. They have also appreciated the firm and easy-to-clean clumps that spared them from dealing with messy litter.

Another commendable review came from a concerned pet owner whose cat was experiencing chronic intestinal inflammation. After switching to our supplement litter, they noticed astounding improvements, leading to a reduced frequency of vet visits! From customers expressing relief at finding an odorless solution that fits their feline’s sensitive sniffers to lauding the earth-friendly ingredients, every new testimonial reaffirms our conviction in this standout product.

How to Transition Your Cat to a New Litter

Cat litters are not created equal, and not all are suitable for all cats. Be aware of your cat’s behavior during litter usage to ensure the litter is eligible. The suitable cat litter should meet their unique needs, providing digestive support, efficient nutrient absorption, and smooth litter interaction.


Selecting the right cat litter supplement is crucial for pet wellbeing, offering hygiene benefits, health benefits, and comfort. Unscented and clumping litter reduces coughing and odor. Cats’ needs vary based on age, size, or breed. A blend that meets these needs and supports digestion is essential. This choice enhances feline happiness and family bonding. Regularly including a Natural Cat Digestive Supplement in your cat’s routine can contribute to overall digestive wellness.

Link: https://amzn.to/4ae5LCB

Natural Cat Digestive Supplement

Breeze Litter System cat digestive supplement addresses digestive issues in finicky felines, ensuring pet wellbeing and reducing stress levels. Scientifically designed, it revolutionizes cat care by lowering stress levels. The Breeze Litter System cat digestive supplement is a revolutionary tool designed to address the nutritional needs of cats, addressing issues such as hairballs and poor digestion, thereby enhancing their overall health.

Product Overview:

BrandPurina Tidy Cats
Item Weight9.2 Pounds
Target SpeciesCat

Product details:

# Manufacturer recommended age: 1 month and up

# Item model number: 70230168894

Date First Available: August 27, 2018

# Manufacturer: Nestle Purina Pet


# Country of Origin: Japan

Product Description:

The Purina Tidy Cats Breeze with Pellets and Ammonia Blocker Pads Resupply Kit is designed to maintain a fresh-smelling home for multiple cats. It includes anti-tracking kitty litter pellets for accessible urine collection, a seven-day ammonia odor prevention system, and super-absorbent pads for moisture trapping. The system is 99.9% dust-free and comes with a Tidy Cat satisfaction guarantee.

Cat Digestive Supplement for Feline Wellness

Exploring Breeze litter pellets and pads introduces you to a whole new world of stress-free cat hygiene maintenance. Uniquely formulated, these ingenious pieces of invention are creatively designed to replace the traditional clay litter, which is often saturated with epoxy-like clumps. Think about those dreaded moments you had to scrape off hardened lumps stuck on your cat’s tray! Thanks to this innovative solution, with ultra-absorbent layers and anti-tracking pellets, taking care of your feline friends’ waste has become as breezy as its name suggests. Choosing the right cat digestive supplement is crucial for your feline friend’s wellbeing.

Moreover, the Breeze Litter System offers an added advantage for multi-cat households. Instead of drowning in heaps of used clay litter daily, imagine simply changing a pad once or twice a week. This not only saves time but also improves overall cleanliness and reduces unpleasant odors brilliantly! It’s genuinely exceptional how Breeze is revolutionizing the way we maintain our cats’ hygienic needs while seamlessly reducing our chores. What seemed impossible has been made possible—fast yet thorough cat litter box maintenance that gives us more quality time with our purring companions!

The specially designed Tidy Cats Breeze Litter System is reaching for new horizons in pet care, ensuring cleanliness and functionality like never before. Compatible with this litter system, we are thrilled to introduce our revolutionary cat digestive supplement that not only encourages a healthier lifestyle but also plays a substantial role in maintaining the integrity of the litter system. This ingenious product was crafted keeping in mind both your and your feline friend’s convenience.

Testimonials and Reviews for the Breeze Litter System

It’s clear that the Breeze Supplement isn’t just another product on the store shelf; it’s a comprehensive solution for feline digestive health. This supplement has been carefully formulated to provide your cat with essential nutrients and, hence, stimulate overall improved wellness while also addressing specific intestinal discomforts. Many pet owners prefer a natural cat digestive supplement to ensure their cats receive wholesome nutrition.

But what sets Breeze apart is its ease of use. Imagine no more struggling with complicated diets or trying to coax stubborn cats into swallowing pills. Instead, your pet gets a simple yet effective supplement that fits seamlessly into their regular feeding routine. It’s time we rethink how we care for our feline companions’ nutritional needs, and Breeze appears to offer an exciting new way forward.

The Ultimate Cat Digestive Supplement

Creating the ultimate cat digestive supplement involves considering various factors that contribute to feline digestive health. Before introducing any supplement, it’s crucial to consult with a veterinarian to ensure that it aligns with your cat’s specific needs and health conditions. Here are some key ingredients and considerations that may be included in a cat’s digestive supplement:


Healthy gut flora is supported by probiotics, which are beneficial bacteria.

Specific strains, like Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium bifidum, are commonly used in pet supplements.

Digestive Enzymes:

Enzymes aid in the breakdown of food, facilitating nutrient absorption.

Protease, amylase, and lipase are examples of enzymes that can support digestion.


Prebiotics are substances that promote the growth of beneficial bacteria (probiotics) in the gut.

Inulin and fructooligosaccharides (FOS) are common prebiotics used in pet supplements.


Soluble and insoluble fibers can aid in maintaining healthy bowel movements.

Pumpkin, psyllium husk, and beet pulp are sources of fiber commonly used in cat supplements.

Anti-Inflammatory Ingredients:

Turmeric and ginger possess anti-inflammatory properties that may benefit the digestive tract.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids:

Fish oil or other sources of omega-3 fatty acids can support overall health, including the digestive system.

Aloe Vera:

Aloe vera may have soothing properties for the digestive tract, but it should be used cautiously and in controlled amounts due to its potential toxicity.

Hydration Support:

Ingredients like electrolytes can aid in maintaining proper hydration levels, which are crucial for digestion.

Limited Additives and Fillers:

Choose a supplement with minimal artificial additives, colors, and preservatives.


Taurine is an essential amino acid for cats, and its inclusion can support overall health.

Before introducing any cat digestive supplement, please consult with your veterinarian to ensure it aligns with your cat’s specific health needs. Always follow the recommended dosage provided by the veterinarian or the supplement manufacturer. Additionally, monitor your cat’s response to the supplement and consult the vet if there are any adverse reactions. When searching for a cat digestive supplement, consider options that promote natural digestion and gut health.


The Breeze Supplement is a revolutionary approach to feline digestive health, enhancing overall wellness and fostering long-term vitality for cats. It helps manage digestive issues and promotes peace of mind for cat owners, setting new standards for optimal feline health and wellbeing. A high-quality natural cat digestive supplement can aid in preventing common digestive issues in cats.

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