Best Dog Toy Story Costume, Multi color, Large Review

Dog Toy Story Costume

Pet owners frequently dress up their beloved pets in appealing outfits, as dogs are considered family members in today’s culture. These outfits lighten our everyday lives, whether for a specific occasion, a holiday celebration, or just some light amusement.

Let me introduce you to Rubie’s Disney Toy Story Pet Costume, a fascinating costume that allows you to dress up your pet as the beloved Woody from the famous Toy Story series. The following article will go over the details of this lovely dog Toy Story costume and explain why it has become a must-have item for any pet owner seeking to make their dog the talk of the party. Prepare for a fantastic journey as we unveil the beautiful elements of the Dog Toy Story Costume, which will guarantee that your pet is the party star at any event!

Why did we choose a dog toy story costume for our dog?

This Dog Toy Story Costume is more than just a way to convert your puppy into a charming character; it’s about making memorable moments and sharing delight with your pet. Motivated by Woody from Toy Story, this lovely costume is perfect for your pet. It is the door to a world of bliss and laughter.

It’s an outfit that captures Woody’s substance, giving your pet a sense of the Wild West with its shirt, vest, scarf, and cap. By wearing the Dog Toy Story Costume, your pet can steal the show on different occasions, from Halloween to birthday parties. As the Disney trademark and Rubie’s reputation ensure realness, you and your pet will enjoy delightful involvement for a long time.

Rubie's Disney: Dog Toy Story Costume, Multicolor, Large,(200187LXL_L)

Product Details and Product Features: 

Product Details: Dog Toy Story Costume

This Rubie’s Disney Toy Story Pet Costume transforms your four-legged friend into the iconic character Woody from Toy Story. Details are as follows:

Costume dimensions: 17 x 12 x 3 inches, providing a comfortable fit for large-size pets.

Weight: The costume weighs 5.93 ounces, making it both lightweight and substantial at the same time.

Manufacturer: It is manufactured by Rubie’s, a renowned costume manufacturer with an excellent reputation for quality and safety.

Recommended Age: Although designed for pets, this costume is recommended for ages 4 – 12 years, so it falls under the unisex-adult category.

Model Number: Its model number is 200187LXL_L, which helps identify it quickly.

First Available Date: This delightful pet costume has been available since April 23, 2018, indicating its enduring popularity.

Country of Origin: China is the proud country of origin of this Dog Toy Story Costume.

Rubie's Disney: Toy Story Pet Costume, Multicolor, Large,(200187LXL_L)

Product Features: Dog Toy Story Costume

It incorporates several features that enhance its appeal, not just aesthetics:

Authentic Design: Its authentic design incorporates a yellow-and-red checked shirt, a white-and-black cow-print vest, a red scarf, and a brown felt cowboy hat.

Versatility: The costume is suitable for various occasions, including holiday parties, pet parades, birthdays, weddings, sporting events, and, of course, Halloween. With its versatility, you can make your pet the center of attention at any event.

Comfortable Fit: It is designed to fit pets with necks and chests measuring 22 and 23 inches and weighing no less than 21 pounds. Our goal is to provide a comfortable fit that allows your pet to move freely.

Authenticity Guaranteed: This Disney pet costume is officially licensed, so authenticity is guaranteed by the Disney trademark on the label and packaging. It ensures that your beloved pet is using an item tested for safety.

Family-Owned Heritage: This costume is manufactured by Rubie’s, a family-owned and family-focused company since 1950. When you choose Rubie’s, you engage with a brand that puts safety and style first.

This Rubie’s Disney Toy Story Pet Costume ensures your pet has a comfortable and authentic experience while dressing as Toy Story’s beloved character. The costume combines meticulous design, versatility, and a legacy of trust, making it an ideal choice for pet owners.

Rubie's Disney: Toy Story Pet Costume, Multicolor, Large,(200187LXL_L)


  • With an authentic and meticulously detailed Woody costume, you’ll capture his signature style like no other.
  • This outfit includes a shirt, vest, scarf, and hat, bringing the popular Toy Story character to life.
  • You can wear this costume for any occasion, from holiday parties to pet parades and Halloween celebrations.
  • The large size is designed to fit pets with specific measurements, allowing them to move freely and confidently.
  • The Disney trademark ensures the authenticity of this officially licensed Disney pet costume, offering pet owners peace of mind.


  • Individual pet inclinations must be considered when obtaining a Dog Toy Story Costume.
  • Pets may not appreciate wearing outfits, so gauging their comfort level before dressing them up is crucial.
  • It is additionally prescribed that you consult Rubie’s Pet Measure Chart because the size may not fit each pup, as with any pet costume.
  • Pet owners must monitor their pets when they wear the outfit to guarantee they are comfortable and focused.

Exploring the Costume:

With this article, you can rediscover the Rubie’s Dog Toy Story costume that will be considered a stylish choice for you and your dog. Woody’s signature yellow and red checks is a classic design shirt that will give you a different feeling of love. 

Woody’s cowboy look with his black and white cow-printed vest is an outfit that is a beautiful combination of comfort and taste. Its chic scarf that evokes the Wild West style makes our dogs more attractive. The added sheriff’s badge is a small addition, but it adds to the beauty of the outfit.

In addition, this outfit includes a cowboy hat, which is considered essential for Woody. A hat is not just considered a part of the outfit; it is a beautiful blend of tradition and style. Individuality and adventurous spirit can be beautifully encapsulated through this outfit. By wearing this outfit, your dog will become an appealing Toy Story character, considered acceptable by everyone at any party.

Guidance for Pet Owners

Your dog will feel comfortable in the Dog Toy Story Costume, so be careful about the correct size of their costume. Dog owners should pay attention to Rubie’s resources, as the Pet Size Chart and the Sizing Instruction Videos will help determine the correct dog clothing size.

Every dog’s body size is different, so dog clothes should be selected with their body size and style in mind. Choosing an outfit that balances style and comfort will make your dog look like a Toy Story character and be the center of attention at every event.

 Authenticity is guaranteed

Authenticity and safety of pet costumes are non-negotiable. An authentic product ensures you are confident in choosing the highest clothing standards.

A Disney trademark is proudly displayed on the label and packaging, conveying the product’s commitment and authenticity. A Disney trademark confirms that the item has been tested for safety and is officially licensed.

This product adds another layer of reassurance when Rubie is the creative force behind the Dog Toy Story Costume. Founded in 1950, Ruby’s is a family-owned and family-focused company with worldwide acclaim in apparel design.

The company’s legacy is a testament to its commitment to quality and safety, so everyone can trust this product. You don’t just dress up your dog in the Dog Toy Story Costume; You are buying a brand that values tradition and trust. As a result, they buy Dog Toy Story costumes and give their pets a lovely gift.

Rubie's Disney: Toy Story Pet Costume, Multicolor, Large,(200187LXL_L)
Rubie's Disney: Toy Story Pet Costume, Multicolor, Large,(200187LXL_L)

Suitable for any occasion

Its versatility makes this clothing a good investment for your dog, as it can be used any time of the year. Undoubtedly, it adds a playful charm to Halloween festivities, while this costume is equally acceptable on other occasions.

You can imagine your furry friend wearing Woody’s iconic attire at holiday parties; as a result, everyone will be talking positively about your dog. You can make birthdays even more memorable by dressing your pet and, at the same time, presenting your pet beautifully on any occasion.

Some praiseworthy reviews of customers:

Linda T. “I cannot express how adorable my fur baby looked in Rubie’s Disney Toy Story Pet Costume. The attention to detail is incredible, and the sizing was perfect. A hit at our Halloween party!”

Mark P. “I was skeptical at first, but after seeing my dog in this costume, I believe! The authenticity of Woody’s look is on point, and the quality is superb. It’s become a staple for any festive occasion.”

Jessica W. “Versatility Versatility is the key with this costume! My pet has become a local celebrity, from birthday celebrations to casual walks. The sizing guide was beneficial, ensuring a comfortable fit. Highly recommend!”

According to Linda, Mark, Jessica, David, and Sarah, Rubie’s Disney Toy Story Pet Costume has left them extremely happy. This costume has become a beloved addition to pets’ wardrobes because of its charm, authenticity, and versatility.


Exploring the Dog Toy Story Costume is not just a costume accessory but an excellent opportunity to give your pet a sense of adventure and joy. This costume stands out for its size, authenticity, and versatility, which makes it the right choice for every pet owner. Feel like part of the Toy Story world by wearing Rubie’s Disney Toy Story Costume. Not only will your dog be talked about in town, but your pet will get everyone’s love equally through this dress.

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